Pitta Dosha

What should we know about Pitta dosha?

The main characteristics of the Pitta dosha are as follows:

  • It is composed of the Fire and Water elements.
  • Pitta individuals typically have well-developed muscles.
  • They are sensitive to heat.
  • They tend to be natural leaders.
  • They are prone to anger.
  • They possess a well-developed intellect.


Foods and tastes that have a positive effect on Pitta dosha: Cold, heavy, dry, sweet, bitter, and astringent.

Foods and tastes that have a negative effect: Hot, light, oily, salty, sour, and spicy.

Imbalances of Pitta dosha:

When Pitta dosha is imbalanced, individuals may become angry and impatient. Skin rashes, excessive stomach acid, gallbladder disorders, colitis, inflammations, elevated body temperature, blood disorders, heatstroke, etc., can occur.

Factors contributing to high Pitta levels:

Alcohol, excessive spiciness, excessive meat consumption, excessive heat.

What can be done to improve Pitta dominance?

Pitta individuals should avoid excessive heat, excessive spiciness, and alcohol. They benefit from a diet that emphasizes sweet, bitter, and astringent tastes. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables has a positive effect on them.

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