Andrea Sári - Beautician, Massage Therapist

I warmly welcome you!

My guests often ask me why I have chosen this profession. My answer is very simple: it's what I love to do.

It fills me with energy, motivates me to learn new things, and I don't perceive it as a burden.

It brings me joy when I see my guests coming tired from work and after our session, regaining their well-being. Or when they come with back, foot, or neck pain, and the next day they write to me, thanking me for the help and expressing how much better they feel.

Also, when a guest arrives tense and in a negative mood I listen to their problems, we discuss life's difficulties, or simply through the effect of relaxation music, all negative thoughts are emptied from their mind and by the end of the treatment they leave uplifted and full of life again.

At moments like these, I see what the main charm of every treatment is. I always hope that I'm not just providing a massage but also a little happiness along with it.

I am grateful to every guest who chooses me. In return I strive to enhance my skills and professional development through continuous learning so that I can always provide better service in my work. 💚

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What I aim to achieve

I strive to create harmonious balance, well-being, and natural beauty through the application of modern and traditional methods. I want my clients to be rejuvenated by the treatments and feel comfortable in their own skin.

What I have achieved

After completing 5 years of professional training, I obtained my beautician certificate. During my higher education, I familiarized myself with holistic methods and wrote my thesis on the topic of Holistic Medicine - Ayurveda. Following the acquisition of my Swedish Massage certificate, I also learned the practical applications of Ayurveda. Through a course, I mastered the theoretical and practical aspects of Ayurvedic massage techniques. Later, I delved into the secrets of Sports Massage and Trigger Point Therapy, earning certificates in both.

I continuously educate myself

My wide range of interests and the desire to find the best possible solutions to various problems, including alternative methods, constantly drive me towards continuous learning. I enjoy reading, gathering information on various topics, and eagerly participate in different courses.

Why did I choose this profession?

Perhaps because I enjoy working with people. It fills me with positive energy to be able to help. I love enhancing beauty and spending my time in an activity that both my clients and I enjoy. In this profession, the time spent working is filled with a good atmosphere or relaxation, resulting in beauty, rejuvenation, and regaining balance as we bid farewell to each other.

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I pay attention to the latest technologies

Or I draw inspiration from traditional, ancient methods, combining them with modern trends and demands. Eastern health-preserving and beauty treatments fit very well into the realm of natural, alternative methods. It's worth getting acquainted with them and applying them alongside today's Western methods.

I pay attention to the needs of my clients

Before each treatment, I take the time to understand the expectations of my clients, in order to provide them with the most optimal results. To achieve this, we briefly or extensively discuss their needs, the desired outcomes, and the available options. Based on this knowledge, we select the appropriate treatment together.


And last but not least… Meet Tökmag, our Happiness Manager! 🙂 He’s got an amazing talent for brightening my clients’ spirits even before their massage session commence. He’s like the secret ingredient for a joyful experience! 

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